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Monday, July 03, 2006

Report from foreign lands

Short version: the trip is going even better than we could have hoped!

  • Biscuit slept the entire international flight from Texas to London except the 2 hours we spent on the runway awaiting a repair to the airplane
  • The views everywhere have been amazing (in Adelboden, Switzerland and Chamonix, France)
  • The family has been getting along great

  • Biscuit did not sleep at all the first night in Geneva
  • Biscuit learned to sleep with her "taggie" but the taggie now resides near the train station in Spiez
  • Our trip is almost over :( We leave Chamonix tomorrow for Geneva then home

  • We needn't have brought any baby toys, the child has a new paper obsession and has been shredding magazines, napkins and placemats across Europe and when she needs a break from that, an empty water bottle is the toy of choice
  • I think I fed her sour cream (or maybe cream cheese) in an attempt to give her plain yogurt last night. Whatever it was, she loved it!
  • Now she is constipated...bananas or sour cream? Who knows....pears and peaches only today.
Ok, the internet is 1 Euro per 10 minutes (yikes) must go without proofreading

Au revoir!


  • So glad you had a chance to write. I have been checking everyday! :) Can't wait to hear more when you get back. Hope the return flight went as smoothly as the trip out.

    By Blogger farfromca, at Monday, July 03, 2006  

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