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Monday, May 22, 2006

Don't Hate Me

Do you remember that commercial for, what was it, shampoo? where the woman tosses her hair and says, "don't hate be because I'm beautiful." I always replied to the television set, "trust me, that's not why I hate you right now." How should those sentences be punctuated? Beyond my editing abilities!

Anyway, that's all to say, don't hate me because I married so well. I was reading a momblog from Clubmom (can't find the exact link right now) on the popular topic of what does (or doesn't) your husband do around the house. I decided to make lists of regular household chores completed by Mr. H and me and compare. I have a feeling I've got it pretty good. Here goes:

BTW--our baby will officially be called Biscuit from here on out, that's mostly what she's called at home anyway and I have a weird thing about posting names on the internet

Mr. H
Grocery shopping (85%)
Picking Biscuit up from daycare (95%)
Dishes (20%)
Cooking dinner (30%)
Lawnmowing (100%)
Putting the trash cans on the curb (95%)
Paying bills (70%)
Replacing toilet paper rolls (75%)
Laundry (10%)
Vacuuming (10%)
Random home repairs (100%)

Grocery shopping (15%)
Picking "Biscuit" up from daycare (5%)
Getting "Biscuit" ready in the morning and taking her to daycare (100%)
Making food for Biscuit (100%)
Dishes (80%)
Cooking dinner (30%)
Putting the trash cans on the curb (5%)
Paying bills (30%)
Replacing toilet paper rolls (25%)
Laundry (90%)
Vacuuming (10%)
Cleaning bathrooms (60%)

Cooking dinner (40%)
Daily making of the bed (100%)
Vacuuming (80%)
Cleaning bathrooms (40%)

Not bad, eh? And, on Monday nights when I have class, he buys me dinner and drops it off so I don't go hungry. What a guy!


  • My personal favorite is the vacuuming... don't you have hardwood floors? I am sure if you place swiffers on Biscuits knees and butt, you should have a clean floor in no time flat!

    By Blogger farfromca, at Tuesday, May 23, 2006  

  • So do you go hungry the other 40%. I feel pretty good I do 100% of vac. and a few other things.

    By Blogger halfoz, at Wednesday, May 24, 2006  

  • Having to do 100% of everything (but leaving several percentage points off of most chores), you DO have it good. Of course I'm not juggling school, work and a baby. But the cat does take up a lot more time than one would think.....:)

    By Blogger sactownkid, at Wednesday, May 24, 2006  

  • Speaking from 15 years of experience this is a great list! I love the nobody part. Eating out and not worrying about how clean the house is are keys to a great marriage.

    By Anonymous kathy, at Thursday, May 25, 2006  

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