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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Cast of Characters

Unlike Sactownkid, I haven't been posting too frequently but for the next 2 weeks I may not post at all. And here's why......(drumroll)....

We'll be in EUROPE.

More specifically SWITZERLAND

More specifically, right here in Adelboden.

But lest you think this trip will be all fun and games, let me introduce you to the cast of characters with whom the hills will be alive:


Mr. H: the only one who isn't a blood relative

Biscuit: Who, conveniently, decided that THIS WEEK is the EXACT WEEK she would like to learn to crawl. Last week she'd sit in my lap for hours. This week she only wants to work on her new skill. This also mean she's stopped sleeping. Hmm, 12 hour plane ride is looking good.

Aunt Laura (my 22 year old sister): She just graduated from college and at one point was going to get a trip to Nepal with Grandpa D (our dad) for a gift. Through a little bait and switch she got a trip to Switzerland with the whole fam. This trip is a bit tame for the child that just spent 4 months in Southeast Asia. Not that a girl can complain about a trip to Switzerland but let me introduce the rest of the traveling party.....

Grandma D (my mom): She's really gotten into traveling over the last 10 years (I think this is her fourth trip to Europe) but she's usually been on a formal tour (with a tour bus and guide). The one trip she did without a guide was planned to the minute with excursions and sights. It is KILLING her that we have NO PLANS WHATSOVER. Just some hotel rooms and a rail pass. I should also mention (and she can't get offended because she has to agree this is true) she's a wee bit emotional lately. Not sure of the cause but in the past 3 months I can't recall a family outing that didn't involve spontaneous crying. Now if that doesn't make the son-in-law uncomfortable, I don't know what does. And remember Aunt Laura? Great girl, love her to death, she has identified EVERY BUTTON our mom has and exactly how to push them. As an added bonus, I seem to have inherited the spontaneous crying gene and Biscuit is a baby so spontaneous crying is what she does.

Get ready for the waterworks.

Grandpa D (my dad): The sugar daddy of the extravaganza. He basically hates to travel unless it involves a car ride across Nevada, a tent and a national park. As far as I can tell his last international trip was to Vietnam (for the war) and I'm pretty sure he stayed on the ship. Needless to say this is a big step for him. He's trying to ease into the big wide world by pretending he's in a national park (called the Alps). Day hikes and coffee drinking are the only things on his itinerary.

So there you go. You aren't so jealous anymore are you?

I'll try to find a computer in Adelboden and post updates on this trip for your amusement.

If this website happens to move over to Clubmom in my absence, hello! Pleasure to meet you! Stop by after July 6 for a recap and in the meantime, take a gander through the archives.


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