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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Construction Zone

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, I've been taking it easy. Finals were over last Saturday and graduation was today and work was super busy in between so the blogging just had to give. Photos of graduation coming soon.

But now, a very exciting update about our home, our construction zone. Since Mr. H is on summer vacation, he's had time to rent a jackhammer and go to town on the back steps in preparation for our new deck.

After: Proof that Mr. H could totally be a contractor if he decided to give up the teaching gig:

Have you ever noticed on construction sites how the workers just leave food trash ALL over? At my sister-in-law's house the hole for the tub was filled with fast food wrappers. I heard someone say they had to remodel and found soda cans in their walls. Um, ever heard of a trash can folks? Me either, the soda bottles and cups are still lying in the yard.

Happy Father's Day Mr. H!


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