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Friday, May 26, 2006

HOW TO: What to do with all those baby photos

This is the first in what I would like to be an irregular series of how-to posts. Just in case anyone ever reads this blog and wishes to have some project instructions. Happy crafting...

I've always been one to give homemade gifs for the holidays. Conveniently in 2005 I was on maternity leave for the 2 months leading up to Christmas. I took advantage of the fact that the baby slept a lot and Michaels is a nice walking distance away and I made gifts. I created advents filled with miniature, homemade ornaments for a miniature tree, baby quilts for the grandmothers, dyed and screen printed onesies for all the babies we know and magnets for family and friends.

The magnets took about 1 minute each and they were the biggest hit of all (next year, I will not be gluing together advent calendars!)

Here's how you can turn photo index prints into fabulous gifts.

Take the index print that comes with your photos (the one with all the tiny photos showing the negative number in the corner). If you have old fashioned film, just develop it at Costco or, if you are digital, you can order prints at Costco. Either way, you get an index print. If you aren't a Costco member, check around. Lots of places do it.

Go to Michaels (or some other craft store) and buy fish tank glass beads (you can also buy these at the fish store). They are clear glass, rounded on one side, flat on the other and about 5/8 inch across. Also purchase small round magnets (or tacks) and strong, glass glue (I used E6000 one time and a glue called "Goop" this time).

Have you figured it out yet? If not, here are the instructions:

  1. Cut the photo into a little circle (or oval) the approximate shape and size of your glass bead
  2. put a dab of glue on the bead and squish on the photo (face down)
  3. put a dab of glue on the back of the photo and squish on the magnet (or tack)
  4. allow to dry
  5. wrap in a fancy jewelry box and give to grandparents who will love having a little bald baby face on the fridge.


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