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Sunday, May 14, 2006

When Crafts Go Wrong

So, I promised myself I would enter Whiplash!


every week and this is week 5 of 6. I am seriously regretting that promise right now! The theme is "yarn" and I had bunches of ideas and finally settled on trying to make my first ever softie as a gift for my friend's son's first birthday. I had this fabulous brown, wool yarn that I thought would make an amazng lion mane. Sounds cute, huh?

Tip for you: never try to make a softie with no pattern and no clue when you have no time and no patience. You will end up with this:

You can't exactly tell but lion head number 2 looked like an alien so I cut it off with scissors. Lion head number one was an equal disaster. Mr. Lion looked pretty scary with the stuffing just hacked off in a smooth cut like a guilliotine would make.

And yet, since I was hours into this project and had no time to start something new...

Head number three Still no good but I had to quit and get this **** thing done.
I thought clothes might help disguise his freakishly proportioned body, but no, the clothes didn't work any better than the lion. Much too small! (and, I might add, the completely wrong color!)

Lessons learned:

  • Until I can make a stuffed animal with a pattern, I probably shouldn't go it alone
  • When it's Mother's Day weekend and school and work are kicking your *** stick with a SIMPLE project (my yarn art "yart" is sounding much better right now)
  • If you do have a crafting disaster, be sure to post it online so all the really talented crafters will at least have an ego boost
  • If at first you don't succeed, it may be a sign that you should cut your losses!

Happy Mother's Day!


  • I love your Mr. Lion! (and the story you tell.)

    He looks kind of sad and need some cheering up, - tell him I don't think he have to go on a diet 'cause his clothing do not fit, but should ask for bigger ones :-)

    Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

    By Blogger mreteveian, at Sunday, May 14, 2006  

  • He looks like a teenaged lion who is a bit unhappy because he has to wear his little sister's shirt... But there's nothing really wrong with him, you know.
    Thank you for posting the shirt picture. I'm sorry I laughed, but I did :-D Heartily :-) Been there, done that :-D
    And you tell the story very well :-)
    Thank you :-)

    By Blogger Ketutar, at Monday, May 15, 2006  

  • Oh dear!!! what a mess! -- you are so brave to attempt this without a pattern. :)

    I personally think that Mr. Lion is cute and that any 1yr old would LOVE him dearly. (especially if he knows how to make lion noises) Glad to see you are sticking to your guns.

    PS. where are heads 1 and 2?

    By Blogger farfromca, at Monday, May 15, 2006  

  • Sort of a lion in sheep's clothing, maybe? But I think he's cute. And funny. And needs MEAT. :)

    Congrats on persevering and getting him DONE. And happy Mother's Day! I forgot this is your first official MD holiday!

    By Blogger sactownkid, at Monday, May 15, 2006  

  • Oh he's adorable! Nice work.

    By Blogger Funky Finds, at Tuesday, May 16, 2006  

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