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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy Hallway, Happy Home

Umm, this is supposed to be a home renovation blog but it's been disguised as a crafting blog. I'm trying to refocus. It was a very productive weekend (for Mr. H anyway) but randomly all the projects were hallway related.

The hallway when we moved in. Note the ugly light, nasty carpet and boring white paint.

And here's the hallway now. New hardwood floors, yellow paint, a phone in the nook and stuff on the walls (other than dirt).

Just this last weekend, here's what got done in the hall:
I completed my phone book art to finish off the phone nook

Mr. H and Grandpa H installed a whole house fan (here's the in-progress shot, it's done now)

And finally, Grandpa H stuccoed the outside of the previous owner's cat door (still needs paint) . Ok, it's on the outside of the hall and the picture is boring but it's another done project. Not bad!


  • love the before/after pics. amazing what a nice color of paint and hardwood floors can do to make such a big difference. Along with the phone art, of course!

    By Blogger sactownkid, at Wednesday, May 10, 2006  

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