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Saturday, March 04, 2006

The shrubs go marching

It was a really lazy day. I did manage to vacuum and fold some laundry but mostly we just hung out with the family and ate too much and took pictures of the baby.
At about 6 p.m. the guilt of not getting anything accomplished started to eat at me so in the waning light I moved one last shrub for the patio project. Then, in the almost dark, I went on a brick hunt. It's the uncommon home where you can wander about for 5 minutes and manage to find 20 loose bricks. It was like an Easter egg hunt. I figure if I search while it's light, I'm sure to have enough for the patio. I'll keep you "posted."


  • Hey there, "First time commenter, first time reader" here :) You can list your official reader count at 3 now.

    I didn't know you were bloggin' until the Kid wrote about it in her historic 49th blog.

    I had some catching up to do!
    Boy, am I there with you on the infinished projects, though having roommates to avoid irritaing with piles of crafty things about does help with the completion--but not much.

    By Blogger Manoa Missy, at Sunday, March 05, 2006  

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